Commons Network is a civil society organisation that works with activists, thinkers, pioneers and policy makers to tell stories, build networks and propose policies to support commoners and defend the commons throughout Europe.

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We believe the world urgently needs a new narrative and that the commons represents a socially and economically sustainable paradigm for this. We believe communities, cities and regions, rather than nation-states, are the backbone of the new translocal consciousness.


Sophie Bloemen is based in Berlin and writes, speaks, and organises on the sharing of knowledge, the commons and new narratives for Europe.

Sophie Bloemen Director

David Hammerstein is a consumer advocate and former Member of the European Parliament for Los Verdes, part of the European Greens.

David Hammerstein Director

Thomas works as Commons Network’s community and campaigns manager, in charge of publishing, communication and campaigns.

Thomas de Groot Project Manager

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Urban Commons: Shared Spaces

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