Commons for Europe 2019

Commons For Europe 2019

This campaign promotes the commons discourse in the political debate, leading up to the European Parliament elections of 2019, while pushing EU politics towards an inclusive commons agenda.

We urge political parties to campaign on commons-related topics, we help politicians to debate these issues, and allow voters to consider commons-issues as criteria for their vote.

The Commons for Europe campaign is a joint effort by Commons Network and the P2P Foundation. This effort involves all major European commons organisations, activists and venues.


How can we remix democratic structures to adapt to the Twenty First Century needs of citizens? How can we re-think representative, vertical decision-making structures to be more decentralized and deliberative? How can we use new concepts like Deep Democracy and Liquid Democracy to increase ownership of democratic processes?

The current economical order takes a disastrous toll on our soil, our rivers and our mountains. How can we reimagine food supply, waste management, farming practices and other traditional economic activities in a truly circular way?

Digital technologies are propelling societal change. How can we ensure sharing of knowledge and data sovereignty for citizens? How can we use tech for good?

Drug prices are an increasingly heavy burden on the budget. And still patients are not getting the treatments they need. How can we re-shape the system of Research and Development and intellectual property regulations to work for the people?

Energy policy, in its current extractive form, has reached its limit, both ecologically and politically. How can we secure energy autonomy for the Union ánd for communities, while making neighbourhoods more self-sustaining and more resilient?

How can we bolster the Right to the City and ensure affordable housing, free culture and sustainable food security for everyone in a truly inclusive and resilient city?