Degrowth and the Caring Economy

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The pursuit of endless economic growth is harmful, for the planet and for our health. Activists, policy makers and scholars all over the world are exploring alternatives to growth-centric politics, towards a vision of ‘degrowth’.

Together, we are rethinking and redesigning society beyond the hegemony of growth. We not only propose the redistributive downscaling of the biophysical size of the global economy, but also envision a new, feminist-inspired paradigm in the form of a caring economy: a socio-ecological transformation centered around the key values of care, autonomy and sufficiency.

Publication of our Caring Economy Manifesto
We present our research about degrowth and health at the Barcelona Fearless Cities Conference
Publication of our research into the future of social security
Start of our research into Degrowth and Health
Start of our exploration of the future of social security, together with Novum (SVB)

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