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In a world that is shaped by technology, our societies are increasingly governed by a few mega-companies who determine everything, from the way we communicate to our transport and our politics, to cultural expression. In order to build solidary and just societies, we need to challenge the dominance of Big Tech.

We urgently need a radically different approach to technology, one where communities are empowered to build alternatives when they need them, and to reject new technologies if they don’t.

Our vision is to build an alternative economy through public-civic digital ecosystems, where citizen cooperatives collaborate closely with strong public institutions, and where communities become literate to technology and independent from it at the same time.

Publication: ‘Generative interoperability: Building Online Publication & Civic Spaces’

Commons Network and Open Future publish Generative Interoperability: Building Public & Civic Spaces online. This report builds further on the Vision for a Shared Digital Europe culminates the research supported by NESTA.


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Publication ‘Supporting the Commons: Opportunities in the EU policy landscape’

Taking a commons approach to European policy, this paper analysis EU policy with regards to Urban Commons, Digital infrastructure & the Collaborative economy and Knowledge management.

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