Caring Commons and Flourishing Neighbourhoods

We thrive less and less and we are increasingly unhealthy, both mentally and physically. We survive, but we often don’t really live. Can we rebuild communities by re-inventing ‘work’, bolstering informal care networks and re-introducing a sense of belonging in our towns and cities? Why does capitalism make us depressed? How can we empower neighbourhoods through solidarity and real care work? Commons Network investigates new practices, researches critical theories and builds a new political discourse around health and care.

Together with government partners, we are working on a 21st century approach to wellbeing, livelihood, social security and solidarity. Together with universities, we are studying the effects of the climate crisis on our health and how the practice of commoning and the vision of degrowth can help us survive.

Key words: Mental Health, Loneliness, Time-based Economies, Social Solidarity Economy, Reproductive Work, Informal Care, Caring Networks, Caring Coops, Depression, Precarity, Austerity, Degrowth

Projects that are part of the Caring Commons and Flourishing Neighbours Programme:

The Social Contract Project

Re-imagining the Social Contract

Degrowth and Health

Degrowth and Health

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