Commons for Europe 2019

Systemic crises have damaged the trust in the future of the European Project and its democratic potential. People have a sense of losing control over their own societies, and crave an alternative to neoliberalism and outdated, opaque representative democracy.

Many challenges have been met locally with fresh alternatives using the collaborative practices of the commons. These alternative practices collectively need Europe, as a beacon of progressive values, to lead the transition to a sustainable, participatory system uniting political actors and local initiatives. At the same time there is a need for concrete models for change, policy proposals, and new creative institutions for democracy.

We believe the democratic, collaborative essence of the commons narrative is an attractive alternative to centralized state control, nationalism and market domination. We believe the EU can be a partner to commoners, and we believe communities, municipalities and regions are the backbone of new translocal consciousness working for the common good.

This programme promotes the commons discourse in the political debate, leading up to the European Parliament elections of 2019, while pushing EU politics towards an inclusive commons agenda.

We urge political parties to campaign on commons-related topics, we help politicians to debate these issues, and allow voters to consider commons-issues as criteria for their vote.


The following campaigns are part of the Commons For Europe 2019 Programme:

Our Commons: Political Ideas for a New Europe

Shared Digital Europe: A Vision

Shared Urban Spaces: A Report

Let's Democratise Europe: a Call

Vote for the Commons

Acces to Medicines: a Manifesto

This programme is supported by: