TTIP and the Big Pharma Wish-List

March 24 2014,

Secret negotiations give Big Pharma a unique chance to push its agenda – The European Union is currently negotiating a trade agreement with the United States, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

Like many contemporary trade agreements, the TTIP is expected to have little to do with tariffs, the traditional focus of trade agreements. Instead, the US and the EU want to address non-tariff regulatory measures affecting EU-US trade, including setting standards and legal frameworks for technical regulations, intellectual property rights, and investment protection measures.

The analysis of the 5 most worrying proposals of the pharmaceutical industry’s wish list for the EU-US trade agreement reveals a real threat to European public health systems and democracy.

A report by Commons Network and civil society partners shows that the pharmaceutical industry’s wish list for the TTIP is detrimental to public health, will increase the cost of medicines and undermine democratic processes. 

Download the full response paper here, or read it embedded below [The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)]



Spanish version: Respuesta_de_la_Sociedad_Civil_a_Lista_Deseos_Industria_Farmaceutica

Press Releases: English  German Dutch French

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