Commons Network is a collaboratory for the social and ecological transition. We bring together people and ideas and we provide tools and insights for social movements, governments and community groups. We explore new models for economy and society in order to collectively transform the system and shape a caring and just future.


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Who We Are

We believe the world urgently needs a new narrative and that the commons represents a socially and economically sustainable paradigm for this. We believe communities, cities and regions, rather than nation-states, are the backbone of the new translocal consciousness.


Sophie Bloemen is based in Amsterdam and writes, speaks, and organises on the sharing of knowledge, the commons and new narratives for Europe.

Sophie Bloemen Co-director

Thomas works as Commons Network’s co-director.

Thomas de Groot
Thomas de Groot Co-director

Jens works as Commons Network's Chief Storyteller

Jens Kimmel
Jens Kimmel Chief Storyteller

Winne is Commons Network's Researcher Caring and Degrowth

Winne van Woerden
Winne van Woerden Researcher Caring and Degrowth

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Building a Caring World Beyond Growth

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