The Second Enclosure: Debt Traps

How do we achieve a just climate transition? Often overseen but critically important is the role of debt. July 10, 2024

Building the Community Economy!

Every neighborhood or village has passionate people who together form a network on which the entire neighborhood can build. July 2, 2024

How we can Democratize our Digital Platforms: Digital Commons Explainer #3 is out!

Read our latest Digital Commons explainer on democratic practices! May 23, 2024

Reflections on Public Event: Building the Digital Commons

As part of our Digital Commons Transition Collaboratory, Commons Network hosted a public event ‘Building Digital Commons – towards a shared, collabrative, and […] May 16, 2024

MeentCoop Op Weg!

In februari was het zover: de officiële lancering van MeentCoop! In Ru Paré heeft MeentCoop zijn feestelijke intrede gedaan als […] April 23, 2024

Event: Building Digital Commons – towards a shared, collaborative and sovereign internet.

Commons Network is hosting a public event Building Digital Commons in The Hague on April 25. April 10, 2024

Building a Post-Growth Pan-European network

As the polls for the upcoming European Parliament elections are not looking so favorable for the Greens and the Left, […] April 3, 2024

Join Us: MeentCoop Launch!

On February 8 we will launch MeentCoop: incubator for the community economy. January 29, 2024

Sharing Municipalist Tools and Practices

As part of the European Municipalist Network we worked on a series of projects around the themes of ‘Cultures and […] December 19, 2023

Vacature Projectmedewerker Digitale Commons en Publieke Infrastructuur

Geloof jij dat digitalisering meer in dienst moet worden gesteld van de samenleving en van een duurzame sociaal ecologische transformatie? […] December 6, 2023

Beyond Growth in Brussels: what do eco-social politics look like?

On the 8th of December, we are organizing a second roundtable on the topic of eco-social policies with Members of national Parliaments (MPs) and trade union representatives from European member states. December 5, 2023

Vacature Projectleider Community Wealth Building en Lokale Economie.

Ben jij geïnteresseerd in de gemeenschapseconomie en bouwen aan een democratische en gewortelde economie? Ben je benieuwd naar de commons […] November 9, 2023

Makkie: Timebanking in the East of Amsterdam

The Makkie is the neighborhood currency of the East of Amsterdam. But how does it work? Read this in-depth report. August 17, 2023

#4 Creative Use of the Law in Reclaiming Public Space and Re-socialising Housing

Listen to the municipalist skill share podcast Across Europe, millions of us face skyrocketing rents and closures of vital public […] July 12, 2023

#3 Feminist Politics and Putting Care at the Centre

Listen to the Municipalist skill share podcast How can we make care, cooperation and life without sexism more than a […]

#2 Storytelling and Political Education

Listen to the Muncipalist Skill Share Podcast Narratives are important to energise and mobilise people to believe in a political […]

Building a Local Democratic Economy – Skill share #1

Listen to the Municipalist Skill Share Podcast How can we keep wealth in our communities? Can we make a democratic […] June 29, 2023

‘We should take back the initiative in tech, as citizens’

Can we as collectives and citizens take back control over the internet? PublicSpaces thinks we can. A conversation with their director. June 14, 2023

A Call for Democratic Digital Infrastructure

Today, together with over 40 civil society organizations, trade unions, and research centers, we publish a statement on democratic digital infrastructure. June 5, 2023

Civil Society Statement on Democratic Digital Infrastructure

In December 2022, the European Parliament, the Council, and the European Commission signed the European Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles […]

Digital transition in a postgrowth world 

During the Beyond Growth Conference in the European Parliament, we co-organized a panel on what a postgrowth transition means for the digital sphere. May 24, 2023

Landmark conference in European Parliament on post-growth

From the 15th till the 17th of May, the European Parliament is hosting a conference fully dedicated to post growth ideas. It marks an important point in the history of European politics. May 8, 2023

Case Study: A New Strategy to Keep Money Local

Case Study: Creating a New 'Currency' for Community Wealth Building in Amsterdam May 4, 2023

Framasoft: a non-profit dedicated to free software

New series of Pan-European case studies on sovereign media distribution, this time: Framasoft! April 26, 2023

Democratizing public capital: community currencies

Investigating three new local currencies in Amsterdam: can we reclaim public capital? April 4, 2023

Artway of Thinking: Strengthening human connections through a digital space for sound narration

New series of Pan-European case studies on sovereign media distribution, this time: Artway of Thinking April 3, 2023

Skill Share on Hacking the Law to reclaim public space and re-socialising housing

The municipalist ‘Skill Sharing Sessions’ project has been created by the European Municipalism Network in order to promote the exchange […] March 31, 2023

New Skill Share: Feministisation of Politics

Join us for a skill share session about feministisation of politics. March 28, 2023

Ups and Downs of a Platform Coop: Lessons from

Lessons from a platform coop: a conversation with founder Wouter Tebbens. March 21, 2023

Beyond the Now: a syndicated social practice platform merging arts, education and activism

New series of Pan-European case studies on sovereign media distribution, this time: Beyond the Now

Essay: degrowth, commons and the need for a fundamental transformation of our economy

New Essay on degrowth, commons and the need for a fundamental transformation of our economy! March 17, 2023

New Skill Share Session: Storytelling and Political Education

Announcing the second municipalist skill share session, about political education and storytelling! March 15, 2023

Postgrowth Intergroup receives prof. Jason Hickel in Dutch Parliament

Professor Jason Hickel meets with MPs of our Postgrowth Intergroup prior to his hearing in Parliament March 14, 2023

Skill-share on Building a Democratic Local Economy

We are co-hosting a series of online skills-share meetings with EMN. The first will be on Building a Democratic Local Economy. March 2, 2023

Democratizing Institutions by Transforming Them from Within

Democracy in action: How La 27e Region is changing French institutions from within. February 24, 2023

New date for postponed visit of Prof. Jason Hickel to the Netherlands

Jason Hickel will come to The Netherlands in March to address the Parliament. February 21, 2023

Reimagining the internet as a common good with PublicSpaces

New series of Pan-European case studies on sovereign media distribution, this time: Les Petites Singularités January 17, 2023

Zagreb Is Ours: a conversation with the Croatian municipalists

A conversation with Matko from municipalist movement and citizens' party Zagreb Je Nas. January 11, 2023

Platform Coops, who is involved?

Platform coops, but for whom? In this blog, we look at how different movements can benefit from the inspiring example of cooperativism. December 12, 2022

Building a Local and Democratic Economy in Sweden

Building a Local and Democratic Economy in Sweden. An interview with Malin from Navet in Bergsjon. December 9, 2022

Platform Capitalism and the Case for Platform Cooperativism

About the rise of platforms and why this bad case of capitalism shows the true potential of coops. November 30, 2022

Conference in Chile brings together movements worldwide

The conference builds strategies to take back the public.

Commons Network participates in International Convention Cities Overcoming Neoliberalism in Genova, Italy

On Saturday the 19th of November, our partner Genova Che Osa (Italian for Daring Genua), organized an International Convention on […] November 21, 2022

Talking to liberals about growth

On Saturday the 19th of November, the annual congress of the Dutch political party Democrats 66 (ALDE) took place at […]

Commons Network participates in The Big Capitalism Debate in Pakhuis de Zwijger 

This Tuesday, November 15, ‘The Big Capitalism Debate’ will take place at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam. During this evening […] November 14, 2022

Commons Network participates in conference ‘Growing thanks to Limits’ in Dutch Parliament

On Friday the 11th of November, the political think tanks of GroenLinks (Greens) and PvdA (Social Democrats) are hosting a […] November 9, 2022

Getting to know municipalist actors from across Europe

Last year, Commons Network became a coordinating partner of the European Municipalist Network (EMN). In a series of blogs, our […] November 7, 2022

‘We need growth to fund a strong welfare state’ and other myths 

Time to dismantle the growth narrative. In our article series Responding to Degrowth Critics, Winne van Woerden, lead of our […] October 31, 2022

Degrowth in The Hague: Prof. Jason Hickel to Address Dutch Parliament

On Wednesday the 8th of March at 11 AM CET, Professor Jason Hickel, one of the leading figures in the […] October 17, 2022

Take Back the City! Skill sharing in Berlin

Last year, Commons Network became a coordinating partner of the European Municipalist Network (EMN). In a series of blogs, our new […]