Commons Network is a collaboratory for the social and ecological transition.

We bring together people and ideas and we provide tools and insights for social movements, governments and civil society.

We explore new models for economy and society in order to collectively transform the system and shape a caring and just future.

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Platform Capitalism and the Case for Platform Cooperativism

About the rise of platforms and why this bad case of capitalism shows the true potential of coops. November 30, 2022

Conference in Chile brings together social movements worldwide to strategize about an agenda for change

Our Future is Public conference in Santiago, Chili from the 29th of November till the 1st of December 2022 brings together social movements across the world to strategize about progressive politics and reclaiming public services.
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European Municipalist Network (EMN)

Interparliamentary Workgroup for Post-growth

Human Stories of Digital Transformation

Article series: Responding to Degrowth Critics

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Podcast ‘Een bloeiende samenleving heeft geen economische groei’, Het Redelijke Midden

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