Incubator for the Community Economy

What’s this project about?

Commons Network is always looking for new ways to activate the commons. With this Incubator, people with good ideas will be able to work together with civil society, universities and governments to create commons-organisations. What do we mean when we say ‘community economy’?

*The community company is democratic: ownership of the venture lies with the employees, its customers, partners and producers

*The community company is value-driven: possible profits are re-invested back into the organisation and the city

*The community company is community-driven: its mission is to add value (both social and ecological) to the community

The incubator will of course offer accelerator-tracks, just like in the world of ‘normal’ start-ups. But we will also work with communities in the city to mobilize and to boost groups that are not yet ready to offer services or products.


The incubator is a project that was started by Commons Network together with the municipality of Amsterdam, and has now been re-started as a coalition of civil society partners. In our coalition are now, next to Commons Network: Waag, KasKantine, Ru Pare, HvA, Oranje Energie, 02025, CommonsLab, StadmakersCooperatie. This group is growing.


Commons Network published an exploration, together with the city of Amsterdam, in which we investigate the potential of the incubator. Read it here.

Together with the starting-coalition, we recently published a launching document. Read it here soon.

Run time:

Autumn 2021 till now

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