Activist Campus in a Castle: Commons Network takes part

The campus of European Alternatives brought together 80 activists from different parts of Europe to exchange, reflect and strategise together on how to build transnational alternatives to politics as usual.

This is a short video summing up the EA Campus 2016 experience:


EA Campus 2016 – Shifting Baselines


General description

At this year’s Campus we propose to work on four main areas. These are areas we have worked on from several months to several years and in which we have gathered new and existing networks and expertise to strengthen our outputs. We will create a working environment during 3,5 intense days, outside of the city, allowing us to reach concrete results. This means putting together a mix of people that can tackle the challenges we gave ourselves and are rooted in practices and places to take on and continue the fruits of our work. There will also be a timeline of events and actions following the Campus integrating the results into existing activities.

General objectives of the Campus

  • To establish and reinforce networks with partners
  • To find best paths to combat to rise of extreme right in Europe
  • To share and exchange best practices to create transnational movements




2016-09-08 12:33:33 – Commonsnetwork