Art & Commons in times Digital Capitalism




On July 2 Sophie Bloemen of Commons Network speaks at this Berlin event about arts, commons and self-organisation organised by SUPERMARKET.

Welcome to the era of Digital Capitalism! The production of goods is no longer a priority. Instead, digital information is becoming the prime asset of today’s economy. Networked platforms have replaced the factories of the industrial age. Traditional standards of production, work and value are currently being reconfigured. Even our understanding of social values, aesthetics and culture is increasingly shaped by the new paradigms of digital economy.

What are artists’ responses towards this ground shaking dynamics which hasn’t just captured the realm of economy, but our society at large?

This event focuses on the development of commons-based economies within the Berlin arts scene. What are the options of building self-organized infrastructures that generate more independence, variety, justice and autonomy among artists? On July 2nd, artists, hackers, commons-experts and collaborative economy insiders will work on a model for a commons for arts – together with you!


2016-07-04 08:07:18 – Commonsnetwork