Commons Network at energy conference “Future without the NAM”

Our Energy fellow Cecile Blanchet participated on Saturday 7 January  to  “a future without the NAM“in the Netherlands. The focus was on the potential remunicipalization of the gas utility (the NAM), which is exploiting the huge gas field under the province of Groningen and presently belongs to Shell and Exxon. The goal of remunicipalizing it would be to stop the gas extraction, which provokes a collapse of the ground and severe damages for houses and infrastructure. Cecile  intervened in the session on international alternatives and presented the framework of energy as a commons and two examples of remunicipalization processes in Hamburg and Berlin. The session was streamed on the Facebook page of the Transnational Institute.

More info on Cecile’s website.


2017-01-06 13:06:27 – Commonsnetwork