#ECAmadrid: Activists!

On Thursday, as part of the European Commons Assembly in Madrid, local activists will join the commoners from all over Europe in MediaLab Prado to exchange ideas and experiences.


Christina Sanabria, a senior official in the Madrid Municipality in charge of Economy and the Public Sector. Christina is especially involved with the Mares Project. Mares transforms neighborhoods along principles of social economy and solidarity. Read all about Mares here: https://maresmadrid.es/

Marco Aparicio, president of Observatori DESC Barcelona and professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Girona. Observatori DESC is an organization that fights for ‘devaluated social rights’ like the right to housing, work, education, health and food. Observatori publishes, teaches, and organizes. Read all about Observatori DESC here: http://observatoridesc.org/en/what-we-do

Diego Peris, active member of Todo Por La Praxis Madrid. Todo Por La Praxis is a ‘laboratory’ for fair urban development, combining architecture with direct action, combining research with design to ultimately promote the collective use of public space. Todo Por La Praxis wants to create instruments and spread the know-how about collaborative urban development. Read all about TPX here: http://www.todoporlapraxis.es/?page_id=42

Mercado Social de Madrid. Mercado Social de Madrid is a network of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services for the community, based on social economy and solidarity principles. They have introduced the Social Balance system in Madrid, where companies get rated according to their contribution to the social economy. They also work towards creating ‘social currencies’. Read all about Mercado Social here: https://madrid.mercadosocial.net/

The sessions will be presented and moderated by Cyclos Coop.

Please join us in Madrid on Thursday for the #ECAmadrid. Can’t make it? Watch it online, we will stream live here.


2017-10-26 09:54:32 – Commonsnetwork