EU trade secrets directive threat to health, environment, free speech and worker mobility

17 december 2014: Multi-sectoral NGO coalition calls for greater protections for consumers, journalists, whistleblowers, researchers and workers —

We strongly oppose the hasty push by the European Commission and Council for a new European Union (EU) directive on trade secretsi because it contains:

? An unreasonably broad definition of “trade secrets” that enables almost anything within a company to be deemed as such;

? Overly-broad protection for companies, which could sue anyone who “unlawfully acquires, uses or discloses” their so-called “trade secrets”; and

? Inadequate safeguards that will not ensure that EU consumers, journalists, whistleblowers, researchers and workers have reliable access to important data that is in the public interest.

Contrary to the Commission’s goals, this unbalanced piece of legislation would result in legal uncertainty. Unless radically amended by the Council and European Parliament, the proposed directive could endanger freedom of expression and information, corporate accountability, information sharing—possibly even innovation—in the EU.

Full Statement: EU Trade Secrets Directive Needs Amendments


2014-12-17 12:57:26 – sophiebloemen