Radical Democracy in the European Parliament

June 16th- Brussels.

radical democracy

At the event Radical Democracy: Reclaiming the Commons hosted by MEPs Julie Ward (S&D) and Paul Dennanot (S&D) a beautiful compilation of documentaries on urban commmons by Doc Next Network was presented with commentary by respresentatives of the network.

Commons Network’s Sophie Bloemen commented on the implications of developments around the urban commons for policy.   Our main points?

  • It is important the value of the commons is politically recognized – by the European Parliament but also by many other EU, national and local institutions. 
  • On the one hand as a feasible alternative of managing things (goods, resources, processes) – not by the market, not by the state but by  people. For this policy makers have to formulate institutuons that facilitate and protect commons initiatives, create a favourable legal environment.  
  • Yet on the other hand, the commons is an ethical perspective that emphasizes not only the need for particiaption but also equitable access and environmental sustainabilty.  Recognizing that certain goods are commons goods, fundamental to everyone’s life and wellbeing, regardless of how they are managed. In the urban environment, housing is such a good.
  • The perspective directs us away from GDP as a sole indicator of succes for societies, pointing policy instead towards quality of life indicators, which include for example time spend on leisure, on commuting, or with family.


2015-06-18 12:02:45 – Commonsnetwork