Update: TTIP Civil society response paper to Big Pharma wish list

Nov 7, 2104 

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When we first published this analysis and joint position on the wish list of the pharmaceutical industry for TTIP, their ambitions were not so transparent with just a few sources of information. By now the intentions and demands pharmaceutical industry have become abundantly clear through public positions, statements, official submissions, idea mongering, and public debates. All confirming our concerns regarding access to medicines and affordable health systems. 

As the debate has developed and the discussion on high prices of medicines has surged across Europe, we find it timely to republish our analysis and position, slight updated but mostly in a more accessible design.

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Civil Society Response Big Pharma wish list




Upcoming EU Parliament discussion on affordability of medicines (November 12th):  Can we afford our medicines ?

European Voice on EU health Ministers debate on affordability 

EPHA briefing document on Access to Medicines in times of Austerity 


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