Event: Building Digital Commons – towards a shared, collaborative and sovereign internet.

As part of our Digital Commons Transition Collaboratory, Commons Network is hosting a public event Building Digital Commons in The Hague on April 25.

The importance of Digital Commons is increasingly emerging as they offer many opportunities for sovereignty, autonomy and resilience. Digital Commons, such as open source software projects, data trusts and open standards represent democratic practice, with shared ownership. They thereby initiate a shift away from centralized private or state management of technology and toward democratization of digital infrastructure. 

Digital Commons thereby help to guard and reinforce public values such as democratization, self-determination and sovereignty. This shift offers numerous opportunities for the Netherlands or any country, also economically.

On April 25, Sophie Bloemen (Commons Network) and Koos Steenbergen (Ministry of Internal Affairs) will talk with Daphne Muller, of the successful open source collaborative platform Nextcloud, with Fabrizia Benini, on the European Digital Commons NGI project and Aik van Eemeren, strategist of digital innovation at Gemeente Amsterdam.

We will discuss what digital commons are, why they are important and how the speakers are building them themselves. We will also explore the role of government in this and how common management and ownership can be shaped. Afterwards, there will be room for questions and conversation with the audience.

To register email: digitalcommons@commonsnetwork.org

Doors open: 15:00

Start panel conversation: 15.30


Location: Bezuidenhoutseweg 67, 2594 AC Den Haag (Nieuwspoort)