Inspiration sessions

Our team can regularly be found somewhere in the country to share our knowledge. We often do this in the form of inspiration sessions, so that everyone can participate. Below are a number of inspiration sessions, but in consultation with you we can of course fine tune the subject.

Are you organizing a strategy day with your department or team soon? And does one of the topics below fit well with the agenda? Or do you want to dive deeper into a subject with your colleagues? Contact us and together we will look at the possibilities to add some inspiration from our side. The sessions below are practical, educational and above all inspiring.

Inspiration session ‘Community Wealth Building’

Community Wealth Building is a method to build and sustain wealth in neighborhoods and cities. We will walk you through the ideas, tools and examples to put Community Wealth Building into practice.

During this session:
✔ Ted-talk: Community Wealth Building in a nutshell
✔ Lightning interviews: Is my neighborhood thriving?
✔ Co-creation: the Neighborhood of the Future

Inspiration session ‘Commons in the real world’

What is ‘commons’ and what can you do with it? During this inspiration session, we will look at the origins of the concept, the rich world of ideas that the commons offers us, and what applications the commons have for your organization.

Together we will dive into the movement, theory and practice of the commons. We’ll travel in an afternoon from Nobel Prize winner Elinor Ostrom to modern commons thinkers like David Bollier, and from medieval Meenten and marken to the 21st-century housing cooperative.

During this session:

✔ Ted-talk: the commons in reality

✔ Lightning interviews: How ‘commons’ are we?

✔ Co-creation: the Community Economy

Inspiration session Public-Civic Partnerships

There is a variant of public-private partnerships with citizens as partners: the public-civic partnership (PCP). From Cape Town to Rotterdam: municipalities all over the world are experimenting with PCPs. We immerse ourselves for an afternoon in the why, what and how behind these innovative instruments for local governments.

During this session:
✔ Ted-talk: A PCP, why?
✔ Speed interviews: Waar kun jij een PCP goed bij gebruiken?
✔ Sketching together: a local economic ecosystem

Inspiration session Degrowth

Degrowth is a criticism of economic growth, but also much more than that. In an afternoon we plunge into alternatives for growth, and chart new ideas, from the caring society to climate justice.

During this session:
✔ Ted-talk: Degrowth, how?
✔ Speed interviews: What do we want to grow instead?
✔ Sketching together: A caring society

Inspiration session Local Currencies

A local currency, how does it work?

Who remembers the miracle of Wörgl: a successful Austrian experiment with alternative money in the 1930s? We’ll visit old and existing local money systems and delve briefly into the theory. The underlying question of the afternoon: how do we put money back at the service of the city, the community and our neighbourhoods?

During this session:

✔ Ted-talk: A different kind of money
✔ Speed interviews: What do you think is the difference between local money and the euro?
✔ Sketching together: The economy of the future

Inspiration session Platform Coops

Commons Network collects building blocks for a caring and democratic economy. Platform Cooperatives represent a real alternative to the extractive and exploitative business model of Big Tech. That is why we offer an inspiration session for organisations that want to learn more about these innovative practices.

During this session:

✔ Ted-talk: a democratic alternative to Uber

✔ Roundtables: what obstacles do entrepreneurs encounter in this system?

✔ Panel: international pioneers in the spotlight