Book on Degrowth, Health and Caring Commons

Much of our world is organized around the imperative of economic growth, so much so that we’ve come to believe in it, as something above reproach entirely. Yet, widening global inequalities and rising ecological catastrophes are telling us to question the desirability and viability of further economic growth in rich nations, the Netherlands included, and follow a vision beyond growth instead.

This research project and book entitled Living Living Well on a Finite Planet – Building a Caring World Beyond Growth, is our contribution to the developing intellectual tradition of Degrowth. In the book, we explore what a degrowth transformation could mean for how we think about health and organize care. Based on our fieldwork to caring citizens collectives in the Netherlands, we show that degrowth is already in the making at the interstices of its growthist capitalist regime. What can we learn from these caring commoning dynamics as we shape the future of health and care beyond growth? And what policies would be needed to structurally support and strengthen these caring infrastructures?

Run time:

January 2021 – November 2021

Project lead: Winne van Woerden

Publication: New Report Out Now: Building a Caring World Beyond Growth

Talks: Presentation at Fearless Cities Conference in Barcelona

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External activities

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Presentation ISEE-ESEE Conference “Building Alternative Livelihoods in times of ecological and
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Radical Change”

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