Alba Garcia Tombas

Alba is a student and activist, finishing her Global Sustainability bachelor’s at Utrecht University with a track in Governance and Societal Transformation and a minor in Postcolonial Studies. In her last year of university, she is interning in the Commons Network. She will be involved in various projects, amongst them, updating the website, social media, and conducting her thesis research. During her degree she has became interested in the cultural dimension of sustainability and visual anthropology, which led her to make a video work on popular memory of her town: Alcover, Tarragona. She forms part of the core organising team for End Fossil Occupy! Utrecht and also creates content for their socials. Moreover, she has connections to the Degrowth movement, having attended the 9th version of the Degrowth Summer School and being involved in creating a Degrowth campaign in Catalunya with Ecologistas en Acción. Being interested in Art Direction, she will in design and formatting for upcoming projects. In her free time, she can be found in Lino parties, making upcycled earrings, and making a magazine!