Commons Network participates in conference ‘Growing thanks to Limits’ in Dutch Parliament

On Friday the 11th of November, the political think tanks of GroenLinks (Greens) and PvdA (Social Democrats) are hosting a conference named “Growing thanks to Limits” in Dutch Parliament. This conference will feature a conversation about an “economy of enough”: an economy based on sufficiency principles, with different value criteria and where those things that truly matter for human and planetary well-being are able to grow, or flourish.

Our co-director Sophie Bloemen will participate in the panel discussion during the second part of the conference. Other panel participants are:

Esther-Mirjam Sent (party chairman PvdA)
Suzanne Kröger (Lower House member of GroenLinks)
Shivant Jhagroe (assistant professor at Leiden University)
Michel Scholte (Impact Institute/True Price)
Eliane Bakker (Lenteland Foundation)

On the basis of statements, we will dive into the concept of an ‘economy of enough’. We will specifically zoom into the question: What does a society and economy beyond growth look like, in which we set limits to safeguard human and planetary health, while offering everyone the prospect of a good life?

Commons Network believes that overall systemic change is needed to achieve this economy of enough. Politics and policy will have to start rigorously encouraging other practices and other types of value creation for this to happen. Our thesis as Commons Network in this regard is as follows:

“The economy of enough” requires giving more space to other forms of work and value creation, and encouraging shared forms of ownership and the local economy. Throughout the country, then, there should be incubators that support such a community economy.

With this conference, the PvdA and Groenlinks indicate that shaping a just, sustainable and caring economy beyond growth is high on the political agenda. As an organization, we are delighted to see this. We look forward to the conversation and hope to build on the outcome with our work around the postgrowth narrative in The Hague.

More information about the conference can be found here.

Read a report of the day here or watch the video below to find out more about Sophie’s contribution (in Dutch)