New Skill Share: Feministisation of Politics

These municipalist skill share sessions give participants from (and friends of) the European Municipalist Network a chance to learn from eachother. By exchanging innovative practices and methodologies, experiences and strategies, we will strengthen the translocal municipalist movement.

We all have useful skills to share for municipalist activism and organising. There is so much to share, like skills that we use in our work in community building, political activism, advocacy, journalism, communications, coalition building, to name just a few of the skills we identified in the municipalist network.

Skill sharing sessions are accessible and empowering and practical. They are meant to help local groups spread knowledge and experiences amongst themselves. The events can be practical and useful, whilst bringing people together and building networks.

Each skill share will start with an inspiring presentation by an organisation with experience and expertise on the particular issue. These will then be followed by Q&A exchanges, breakout groups and plenary conversations. This week:


Feministisation of Politics Skill Share Session

Time: 17:00 till 19:00, on 29 March

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The Feministisation of Politics collective was born in 2018 thanks to a group of kickass women active in European municipalist movements, who deeply felt the need to identify and problematize sexist and patriarchal dynamics structurally linked to activist and political practice. Over the years, the collective has proposed to bring to light the need to implement feminist practices within organizations and/or institutions, and through various projects and outputs emphasise the importance of feministisation of politics to achieve radical democratic goals.

Now FoP’s wish is to promote a discussion and knowledge sharing – within the EMN and beyond – starting from the experience of the meetings held in Naples (l’Asilo), Nantes (Nantes en Commun), and Belgrade (Ne Davimo Belgrade) to disseminate our learnings and build alliances in the work of those who have the desire, who feel the urgency, and wish to cultivate this work within their political and activist organisations. A roundtable and group discussion will be organised with l’Asilo and NDB, with the FoP comrades who held the workshops there.

The session aims then to continue our walk with our comrades along the path of the self-assessment of feminist practices, the identification of possible action to tackle patriarchal and sexist practices, and the implementation of practical tools to address the challenges identified.

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