Public-Civic Spaces Online

Just like we need public and civc spaces offline, we need them online. The organisation of digital space has become more urgent than ever, as it has come to define the way we work, we live, play, travel and much more. Our social and economic lives are increasingly organised around few digital mega-platforms. 

The digital transition has come with many opportunities, but also with tremendous challenges. It has brought us surveillance capitalism and ever-growing societal and economic power imbalances. The infiltration of platform into all spheres of our life has accelerated the hegemony o the logic of the market, of commodification and competition, marginalising and replacing relational dynamic of cooperation, solidarity and care. 

It is key that we shift our perspective from a single platform view to an ecosystem view. Public policies should not only fix ‘market failures’. They should actively co-create other ecosystems. This requires imagination and vision that does beyond just regulating markets.

SDEPS Coalition

Shared Digital European Public Space (SDEPS) is a coalition of organisations and initiatives united in our belief for the need for public digital infrastructures. Spaces that are based on democratic values and can be used and shaped by public institutions and civic initiatives. Ones that provide alternatives to the existing commercially-driven Internet.

Commons Network is part of the coordination group of SDEPS.

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