Activation Tracks

Commons Network works with cities and regions to kickstart a local, democratic and caring economy. We offer two Activation Tracks:

Activation Track Community Wealth Building

Community Wealth Building means strengthening local communities and democratising the local economy at the same time. With this method, communities can help each other to regain control of the economic system by building a community economy.

What does Community Wealth Building deliver?

*More local entrepreneurship

*More economic ownership for people

*Strengthened Community Economy

In Amsterdam, we experimented with Community Wealth Building in three neighbourhoods. Check out this video to learn more.

Do you first want to learn more about this method? We also offer an inspiration session about Community Wealth Building.

Activation Track Incubator for the Community Economy

In recent years, we have seen a great rise of collectives and cooperatives that make an important contribution to the local economy and local welfare. How can we harness the power of these initiatives even better? Commons Network offers an Activation Track for municipalities and regions that want to answer this question by taking action.

During this process, together with local civil society, the knowledge sector, resident collectives and local governments, we will set up an incubator program that can become the driver for the local community economy. Components of this activation track include:

*Co-design sessions with local entrepreneurs, neighborhood initiatives, officials and international experts

*Inspiration sessions with stories and practices from abroad and inspiring speakers

*Mobilization, recruitment and coaching of participating teams

*Policy explorations into the opportunities and challenges of local policies

*Guidance in the accelerator trajectory

What does the program deliver?

Making better use of the local economy and initiatives, exploring new economic models by doing and learning together, working more and better with local partners.