Join Cities for Change 2021!

This Friday 26 March we are kicking off the Cities for Change Forum, through which organizers, activists and artists, together with politicians and civil servants, will join forces for a more just, inclusive and sustainable Amsterdam.

You can register for the event here

The Cities for Change Forum is a collaborative effort of many citizen groups and organizations, facilitated by The 99 of Amsterdam, to build a better Amsterdam and manifests in a two-month period full of events, webinars and actions. This Friday the 26th of March we kick off the Forum from 13:00 to 15:00, together with a host of renowned speakers:

  • Opening by Rutger Groot-Wassink, Alderman for Diversity and Anti-Discrimination and Democratization, and Sophie Bloemen, director of Commons Network.
  • Opening lecture by economist Kate Raworth.
  • Marieke van Doorninck / Alderman for Sustainability and Circular Economy; Spatial Planning; Land Affairs; Energy Transition
  • Ruurd Priester / Donut Coalitie
  • Najah Aouaki / economist and urban strategist
  • Savannah Koolen/ Amsterdam City Rights
  • Pauline Westendorp / 02025
  • Eva Dassen / Extinction Rebellion
  • Massih Hutak / Verdedig Noord
  • Clarice Gargard / Lilith Magazin
  • Tessza Udvarhelyi / anthropologist and psychologist, representative European Municipalist Platform
  • Tomislav Tomašević, electoral candidate mayor of Zagreb,  “Zagreb je naš!
  • Atta de Tolk / spoken word artist

You can register for the event here

Source: De 99 van Amsterdam

The 99 of Amsterdam

The Cities for Change Forum is co-organized by many active citizen groups, but facilitated by the dotank The 99 of Amsterdam, which embodies the Amsterdam tranche of the global municipalist Fearless Cities network. Like Fearless Cities worldwide, The 99 of Amsterdam strives for radical democracy, an earth-friendly and caring economy, feminizing politics, and stands up against the far right.

The 99 of Amsterdam, which found inspiration in Amsterdam’s  99 neighbourhoods, tackles pressing urban issues, such as housing and gentrification, the climate crisis and racism. In 2019, it organized the two-day conference De Stad van Morgen.