Join Us: MeentCoop Launch!

Come to the festive launch of MeentCoop!

The time has finally come. On February 8 at 6:30 PM we will launch MeentCoop: incubator for the community economy.

Today’s major societal challenges requires us to unite and connect. Sustainability, social inequality, diversity and digitalization require self-organization and a stronger local economy. Smaller connections are important to meet these challenges democratically and in solidarity. The call for a different economy is heard everywhere: what kind of economy do we actually want? At the same time, a new economy movement is emerging, in which initiatives and businesses are flourishing that are democratic in ownership and governance, and create value for the neighborhood or region. The democratic and collaborative model of the commons is often an inspiration for this.

It is high time that governments, knowledge institutions and civil society join forces to drive this sector forward. In Amsterdam, a broad coalition of social organizations is therefore launching MeentCoop today – a breeding ground for cooperative enterprises.

New models of collective organisation are emerging everywhere, such as energy co-ops and housing co-ops, or innovative practices in healthcare and in the neighborhood. Elsewhere, we see alternative business forms emerging to challenge the power of big tech companies in the form of platform co-ops. In these organizations, common goals and values are linked to economic and social issues. The community economy incubator will help citizens, entrepreneurs and institutions unite for this purpose.

During this launch, Commons Network, Waag Future Lab, KasKantine, Oranje Energie, 02025, HvA Center for Economic Transformation, StadsmakersCooperation, SW-SL Foundation and Ru Paré will present the plans for MeentCoop. But we are also very curious about your ideas. We hope you can join us to shape the cooperative agenda and the community economy in Amsterdam together!

Would you like to eat in advance?

From 5:30 PM there is a vegetarian meal for 4 euros (payment on site).

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