European Translocal Solidarity

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Not only are nation states often bastions of neoliberal power and free market ideology, so is the EU. We believe it is crucial to build a Europe that goes beyond extractive capitalist markets and repressive and exclusionary nation states. A Europe of translocal solidarity exist alongside it, fueled by the commons movement, feminist politics and municipalism.

In order to build caring, inclusive and autonomous societies across Europe, we work in solidarity with local partners in cities, towns and regions across Europe’s regions. Together, we deliberately build political power from the ground up because, often, real change happens bottom up.

New Democracy workshop with ECF in Amsterdam

During the summer of 2018, Commons Network hosted a two-day event together with the European Cultural Foundation, to discuss with social movements and civil society what we can do to strengthen European democracy.

The second European Commons Assembly takes place, in Madrid

In 2017, the commons movement gathered in the MediaLab Prado in Madrid to mobilize and strategize for three full days. Commons Network worked with Remix the Commons and others to organize this happening.

The first European Commons Assembly takes place in Brussels

Together with partners Remix the Commons and others we organized the first of many Commons Assemblies, with a two-day event in the European Parliament and in a social center. It was the start of a movement.

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