Cities and Translocal Solidarity

Systems change will take shape from the bottom up, hand in hand with the necessary institutional change on various levels. The transformations are already happening, in towns, cities and regions where people are building commons, coops and democratic economies while local governments are experimenting with Community Wealth Building and Public-Civic Partnerships.

Community Wealth Building

Commons Network started the 2 year Transition Laboratory project on Community Wealth Building and the community economy. With various municipalities and neighbourhood actors in Amsterdam and other cities.

Coordinating the European Municipalist Network

Commons Network joined the coordination of the translocal network in April 2022. After a kickoff session in Berlin in the autumn of 2022, we also organised a series of online skills-share sessions. These aimed to reinforce peer-to-peer learning among municipalist actors facilitating exchange and learning on practices, methodologies, experiences and strategies that we need to transform the system.

Commons Network Starts Community Wealth Building in Amsterdam

Together with the municipality of Amsterdam, Commons Network started researching and piloting Community Wealth Building in three disenfranchised areas of the city.

Commons Network Starts Collaboration with Amsterdam Fearless Cities

Commons Network partnered with the Fearless Cities programme of the municipality of Amsterdam to bring the new municipalism to Amsterdam and to empower local movements. We organized a 2 year program in Amsterdam for municipalists, policy makers, researchers, students and local activists. We developed policy ideas, papers, as well as live and online gatherings and events.

Exploration of Amsterdam Commons Policies

In collaboration with the municipality of Amsterdam, Commons Network researched the chances and challenges of the commons in Amsterdam.

Research project ‘Urban Commons – Shared Spaces’

Together with partner Raumlabor, Urban Commons – Shared Spaces was a research project, published by Commons Network, about the emerging urban commons, based on research on scientific literature and fieldwork in Berlin and Amsterdam.

The first European Commons Assembly takes place in Brussels

Together with partners Remix the Commons and P2P foundation we organized the European Commons Assembly, a two-day event in the European Parliament and in a social centre, with hundreds of commoners from across europe.

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