Launching Common In: about commons and art

What does commoning feel like? How can we make the story of the commons a livable experience instead of a […] October 4, 2021

Deep Dives with experts on Interoperable Digital Ecosystems

The Internet is busted. Huge corporations are calling the shots, extractive business models prevail. And safe and privacy-friendly online spaces […] September 27, 2021

Public Horizons: transforming the public sector

How could the public sector transform in such a way that it has a better chance of addressing current social, […] August 2, 2021

The cooperative economy as a manifestation of a new ethics of care

In search of the Amsterdam caring economy: Why is the practice of caring the backbone of the city of the future? [VIDEO] June 17, 2021

Towards Online Public-Civic Spaces

How do we create public-civic spaces online? What role can ‘interoperability’ play? How could we transform the internet into something […] June 7, 2021

A good life for all beyond growth: Fruitful post-growth discussions at the Cities For Change Forum

Can we transition to a post-growth economy, that can deliver a high quality of life in the city of Amsterdam? June 6, 2021

New Publication: How Can Amsterdam Municipalism Endure?

For Amsterdam’s municipalism to strengthen and endure, it must be rooted in collective political knowledges and practices in neighborhoods, according to this new report by Imogen Hamilton-Jones and Thomas de Groot, commissioned by Minim and Commons Network June 3, 2021

Proposals for ‘desmoothening’ the city

—– [SCROLL DOWN FOR ENGLISH] —– *Dit is een samenvatting van het Smooth City event tijdens de Cities for Change […] June 1, 2021

Cities for Change: fruits of collaboration

Cities for Change, first and foremost, is a collaborative process of active citizens, social movements, activist groups working together for […] May 22, 2021

Visit the online expo Digital Courage: Uber Eats

Commons Network is co-organizing the Cities for Change conference, which is going on as we speak and last until 30 […] May 19, 2021

The Smooth City, And How To Turn The Tide

[ S C R O L L D O W N F O R E N G L I S […] May 17, 2021

Exploring the Caring Economy in Amsterdam

Exploring the caring economy in Amsterdam: Billions of hours in unpaid care work keep the economy going, but are not integrated into our current economic model. Even though care is a fundamental need that helps to connect people and ensure reciprocity. May 13, 2021

What is commoning and why is it so important?

What links degrowth, healthcare and commons? The act of caring and commoning. Introducing: the Triad of Commoning. April 5, 2021

Join Cities for Change 2021!

This Friday 26 March we are kicking off the Cities for Change Forum, through which organizers, activists and artists, together […] March 22, 2021

Grote en Kleine Vragen over ons Onderzoek naar Bestaanszekerheid

Hier beantwoorden we de vragen die werden gesteld tijdens webinar over ons nieuwe rapport over de toekomst van de bestaanszekerheid, over onze aanpak, over de rol van gemeenten en nog veel meer. March 17, 2021

Fearless in Amsterdam: housing is about homes, not investment

Amsterdam is part of the global municipalist Fearless Cities Network. Commons Network collaborates with activist groups in the dotank The […]

Degrowth and Health: Caring as an Ethic of Non-Exploitation

Degrowth and health: What would it mean for the healthcare sector to abandon the quest for GDP growth and follow a degrowth vision instead? March 7, 2021

Geen visie in debat over medicijnen? Op naar een revolverend fonds!

Het had een inspiratievolle avond kunnen worden waar de contouren van de transformatie van het systeem werden geschetst. Maar in het debat van vorige week kwamen vooral probleemanalyses en argumenten voorbij die we al kennen. March 5, 2021

Nieuwe publicatie: commons en de toekomst van de bestaanszekerheid

Vandaag lanceren Stichting Commons Network en SVB-innovatielab Novum het rapport Leren van de Toekomst: Commons en Bestaanszekerheid in Theorie en Praktijk. March 2, 2021

Caring and Solidarity: Come to the launch of our new report

You are invited to join the launch of the new report 'Leren van de Toekomst: Commons en Bestaanszekerheid in Theorie en Praktijk' February 25, 2021

Dutch Elections Live: the Access to Medicines Debate

Next Thursday, on the 25th of February, candidates of five political parties will participate in a debate about access to medicines. February 17, 2021

Degrowth: Building a New Discourse of Health and Care

Degrowth: Building a New Discourse of Health and Care, Part 1 February 13, 2021

Vrij Beton: crowdfunding free cultural spaces

Amsterdam is gentrifying and becoming more homogeneous. Over the past few years, many free cultural spaces have been terminated. Diversity […] December 9, 2020

A Syrian democratic social economy in the making

In the war torn region of Rojava, Syria, a communal economy has been steadily growing as people form cooperatives and […] November 18, 2020

Caring and Thriving: Bollier and Helfrich on the Future of Social Security

Caring and Thriving: Bollier and Helfrich on the Future of Social Security. A conversation about commons-based security, care income, alternative currencies, self-organisation and resillience. October 16, 2020

Urban commons: utilizing the Right to Challenge in Rotterdam

With a bang we published a booklet on urban commons two years ago: Urban Commons: Shared Spaces. Among the policy […] September 30, 2020

Cape Town: Towards a Municipal Regulation for the Commons

Crowdsourcing a Commons Transition Plan in Cape Town September 25, 2020

Why We Need a People’s Vaccine Right Now

A People’s Vaccine for COVID-19 is based on shared knowledge and must be freely available to everyone, everywhere worldwide. September 24, 2020

Digital Rights on top of the agenda

The corona pandemic – and especially the development of a Dutch corona-app, has reignited debate about online security and digital […] September 21, 2020

Interoperability #2: The fork in the road

Updates about our deep dive into the digital interoperability debate from the Shared Digital Europe team September 17, 2020

Interoperability #1: Policymaking is worldbuilding

Updates from our deep dive into the digital interoperability debate, brought to you by the Shared Digital Europe team

Another Amsterdam food coop is transforming the food system

Amsterdam has a long list of initiatives trying to change the way we look at the food on our daily […] September 11, 2020

A big step towards sustainable and cooperative tourism

Last week Commons Network joined a virtual-but-local Amsterdam meeting hosted by We learned from its founders about a new […] September 3, 2020

Introducing our new board member: Sandra Bos

– – – S C R O L L D O W N F O R E N G L […] August 19, 2020

The commons way of life in Ecovillage Boekel

Ecovillages: The commons way of life August 10, 2020

Rethinking not repairing: a call for Utopianism

Commons Network researcher Winne van Woerden investigates the links between commoning and public health, and how commoners play their part […] August 5, 2020

From psychiatric patients to active and connected human beings

– – [ S C R O L L D O W N F O R E N G L […] July 27, 2020

Commons Transitie Plan Amsterdam

Het schrijven aan een Commons Transitieplan voor Amsterdam gaat van start. July 20, 2020

“Nobody is in charge, but everything gets done”

– – [ S C R O L L D O W N F O R E N G L […]

Caring coops go where professional healthcare providers can’t

  – – [ S C R O L L  D O W N  F O R  E N G […]

Rethinking Dutch subsistence security in a changing world

De basis van ons onderzoek naar bestaanszekerheid en commons is gelegd, samen met onze partner en innovatielab Novum. Een intensieve […] July 15, 2020

Conferentie Commons en de Omgevingsvisie: Een verslag

Conferentie Commons en de Omgevingsvisie: Een Verslag June 11, 2020

Herenboeren Kantelen het Voedselsysteem

Cooperative farming communities are changing the food system May 19, 2020

Broodfondsen: Zo Geef Je Solidariteit Een Gezicht

Broodfondsen: Zo Geef Je Solidariteit Een Gezicht May 6, 2020

Commons en de Nieuwe Omgevingsvisie

Wat hebben stedelijke commons aan de nieuwe Omgevingswet? April 30, 2020

Support Your Locals: Neighbourhood Currencies

Building Community Wealth With Local Currencies April 27, 2020

The Medicines Patent Pool: A Remedy for the Anti-Commons

Pooling Knowledge to Fight Corona: The Story of the Medicines Patent Pool April 23, 2020

Pooling Knowledge: Private Medicine vs. Public Health?

The COVID-19 crisis marks a critical moment for medicines: how to go from a capitalist logic to a system that is driven by the needs of the public and the health of the people? April 12, 2020

Degrowth, Health and Commoning Practices

Is commoning healthier than growth? March 30, 2020

Costa Rica Is Right: We Need a Global Coronavirus Knowledge Pool

We Need a Global Coronavirus Knowledge Pool March 26, 2020